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When publishing a new title, many authors run competitions and giveaways.  Given the awkward little sod that I am, I’m going to jam the two things together and see how they fit.  So, if you can answer the six questions below correctly (that’s the competition part), I’ll send you a paperback copy of my new title, Stories of Genesis, Vol. 1; that is, I’ll send a paperback copy to everyone who can answer the six questions correctly (that’s the giveaway part).

The reason for this is that if you can answer the six questions below correctly, it means you are a true Genesis fan, so whatever else may be wrong with you, you have impeccable musical taste and should enjoy reading short stories inspired by their songs.  And that’s not all: there is a bonus, seventh question.  Answer that question correctly, and your name will go into a draw for a single Grand Prize!

So, are you ready to play?

Question 1:  What is Genesis’s biggest-selling studio album?

A:  We Can’t Dance

B:  Duke

C:  Invisible Touch

D:  Foxtrot

Question 2:  How many times did Genesis perform The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway live, before Peter Gabriel left the band?

A:  42

B:  52

C:  92

D:  102

Question 3:  What was the first Genesis album to reach number 1 in the UK album chart?

A:  And Then There Were Three

B:  Duke

C:  Abacab

D:  Genesis

Question 4:  The connection between Supper’s Ready and Los Endos is that:

A:  There’s an angel standing in the sun

B:  He’s crying with a loud voice: “This is the supper of the Mighty One!”

C:  “Lord of Lords, King of Kings, has return to lead His children home…”

D:  “To take them to the new Jerusalem!”

Question 5:  Ray Wilson is on record as describing his departure from Genesis as “Death by…” What?

A:  Pimm’s

B.  Legal suffocation

C:  Silence

D:  Missing out on some serious royalties

Question 6:  In the 2007 reissue interviews, Tony Banks describes the song Turn It On Again as “deceptively simple” because:

A:  The keyboard part was so fiendishly complex Tony dislocated a finger when he first played it

B:  The drum part was so fiendishly complex Phil had to drop a beat at certain times

C:  The bass part was so fiendishly complex Mike had to put both feet on the bass pedals at the same time

D:  The lyrics actually contain a coded demand for World Peace.  However, it was done so cleverly that absolutely everybody (including us fans) missed it altogether, which is why we still don’t have World Peace

Send your answers in an email to by 1 September.  Only one entry per email address is allowed, but the sender of every single correct entry will receive a paperback copy of Stories of Genesis, Vol. 1.

Now for the Grand Prize: signed, dedicated paperback copies of each of the five books I’ve published.  Nearly 300,000 words of ground-breaking, critically acclaimed science fiction, plus a comedy/picture book starring lots of cute puppies, and of course Stories of Genesis.  Phew!  And to be in with a chance of winning, answer this question correctly in addition to the six questions above:

All of these, dedicated to whomever you like. This could be the best investment you ever make, because when I’m famous you’ll be able to sell them for a fortune on eBay!

Question 7:  In my most recent novel, published earlier this year and called The Second Internet Café, Part 2: The Cascade Annihilator, dimension researcher Lucas Hunter has to investigate many alternate realities.  In one of these he travels to Prague in an alternate 1877 to research what happened in the intervening 702 years since that alternate reality diverged from our own, during which Europe was brought together and transformed by a powerful, charismatic leader who never lived in our history.

While there, Lucas meets a local inhabitant who helps him piece together the missing information.  This long-dead fictional leader who united Europe shares their name with a character from a Genesis song – but which one?

A:  Father Tiresias from The Cinema Show

B:  Liquid Len from The Battle Of Epping Forest

C:  The Naiad Queen from The Fountain Of Salmacis

D:  Big Jim Cooley from Ballad Of Big

That’s all there is to it!  Once all the entries are in, after 26 August I will put up the next blog post with the answers, and the lucky winner of the Grand Prize.  In the meantime, take care out there, and here’re a few nice little tunes – rather expertly mixed, it has to be said – to get your grey cells churning, and give you an idea of what’s waiting for you :)


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6 thoughts on “Genesis competition/giveaway!

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  2. Oh, wow. If I could answer even one of those questions correctly, I’d be impressed with myself. I’d cheat and Google everything, but that wouldn’t be very ethical, would it?

    That grand prize sounds wicked good, though…

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