The Cascade Annihilator: cover reveal

This is probably the bit I enjoy the most when it comes to self-publishing my novels, and it’s because I’m putting the spotlight on what someone else has done.  Janusz Szewczak ( has created the covers for both of my previous novels, and now it’s time to show you his latest.  Janusz does all kinds of things with images, both still and moving, and I can thoroughly recommend him.

Right, first up is the e-book cover:

Now, here is the full print edition cover, and to save you having to squint, under that is the back-cover blurb.  This might not mean very much if you haven’t read The Dimension Researcher, but if you have read part 1, then with a bit of luck this will hopefully make you want to read The Cascade Annihilator:

“I killed you, you know that?  And now I gotta kill you again…”

Dimension researcher Lucas Hunter returns to confront his nemesis, Dietrich, in an explosive showdown.  But now Lucas’s enemy is armed with the most devastating weapon imaginable.

In reality one, the Second Internet Café is itself under renewed threat.  The return of Dietrich has given its enemies the means to see it closed down once and for all, before it can be destroyed.  From among its staff, senior analyst Paula Featherstone finds herself unwittingly thrown into the centre of the battle to keep control of the Second Internet Café.

But the conflict between Lucas Hunter and Dietrich’s universe has captured the attention of other, more advanced realities, who make unusual efforts to influence events.  As danger of a military strike on Europe in our universe increases, Lucas jumps to an alternate 1988, which is on the brink of World War Three, to confront Dietrich.  Back in the Second Internet Café, Paula and others struggle to keep the facility functioning so Lucas can return.

Lucas clashes with Dietrich in a devastating final battle, where he must defeat both Dietrich and the weapon that can destroy our universe: the cascade annihilator.

To end this post, here’s a real blast from the past: Van Halen with Jump, fronted by America’s answer to Freddie Mercury, David Lee Roth (so, Paulina, you should really like this :)).  It’s wonderfully camp, it’s totally over the top, and it’s absolutely brilliant.  Besides, the novel I’ve been struggling to write for the last 16 months has got its gorgeous cover, and that means it’s almost finished :)


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24 thoughts on “The Cascade Annihilator: cover reveal

  1. OMG! Chris. Thank you! :-) You’ve just reminded me how I use to dance, drink and… noooo that’s enough ;-).I even had the same hair style! Can you imagine?! And the time simply jumped like Lucas, to another dimension :-/ Thanks for mentioning Freddie :-)

  2. Chris, the cover is brilliant!! Looking at that cover and reading the synopsis, the two work so very well together. They are compelling – a most excellent hook!

    Your cover art fellow, Janusz, does wonderful work. I have always liked the DR cover but after I read it last year, I remember finishing the book and looking at the cover again. It’s PERFECT…and this one is sure to be too!

    I only have one complaint. Your photo on the back should have been bigger!

    Congratulations, Chris…you’re days away from revealing the full work. So exciting!!!

  3. Oh My God?!? After those splits I’m amazed he wasn’t singing falsetto. Loved the song, of course, but I’m still in shock at his athleticism.

    Had a thought. Next weekend I’ll raise your Van Halen with some Deep Purple. Maybe we can lead a 70’s revival?

  4. Super duper excellent, it looks like a perfect fit for the book. And very nice layout.

    Ahh, David Lee. I first saw him with Van Halen in 1983, his last tour with them. That was when he wore the assless chaps. I next saw VH in 2007, the first tour where David Lee reunited with them. He couldn’t jump like that anymore, but it was still a great time.

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