The Second Internet Cafe, Part 3: [title reveal]

“And will I wait forever, beside the silent mirror?

And fish for bitter minnows, amongst the weeds and slimy water?”

Firstly, many thanks to those of you who commented on the previous post – that was very useful advice.  As a result, part 1 of the Second Internet Café has had a brush and scrub up, along with a new synopsis.  Part 2 is about to get kicked out of the nest, so I think it’s time to reveal the title for the last part of this trilogy.  At least, I’m pretty sure it’s the title I’ll stick with: I know how the third part starts, and I know how it ends, and for me those are the two most important bits of any novel of mine.  And it’s called this:

The Second Internet Café

Part 3:

The Final Utopia

Take from this title what you like, I’ll only say that, these days, dystopias seem to be a very popular trope in science fiction.  So, given the contrary little bastard that I am, a dystopia is therefore the last thing I’m going to write about.  Probably.

But back to much more important things; namely, this blog’s secondary function of raving about the sheer joy to be had from the back catalogue of Genesis music.  This track, Stagnation, is from their second album, Trespass (1970), and gives a hint of a Genesis that might have been.  After this album, Anthony Philips and John Mayhew would leave, to be replaced with Phil Collins and Steve Hackett.  Although on this track, Banks’ keyboards and Gabriel’s vocals are unmistakable, there is a certain 60s feel to the harmonies, and a more explicit balance of femininity and masculinity, in one song, which the band wouldn’t fully recapture until after Gabriel left.  This song is best appreciated, like most Genesis songs, at a loud volume (lyrics here) :)


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14 thoughts on “The Second Internet Cafe, Part 3: [title reveal]

  1. Well… It looks to me that the guys were the same contrary little bastards as you. In my perception, the title Stagnation does not correspond to this lovely dynamic music and lyrics. Lovely song and intriguing title for part 3. I wish you time for writing, Chris. With your full time job, 3 kids, teens’ problems, coming menopause and andropause, the Final Utopia must be the best place in the Universe to escape to :-)

  2. Wow. I didn’t discover Genesis until after Phil Collins so this track is an eye-opener. Am I way off track or does it have hints of Moody Blues and Yes? I really like it.

    • Your chosen title sounds like a keeper, Chris, and I agree with KD, I can hear the orchestra keying up for the first few melodic bars.

      This series has been so fascinating – so uniquely considered – and so wonderfully written. Can’t wait to read Cascade soon and am chuffed to know there will be one more book to follow it. :))

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